Art and design books

Why list my books?

I've been buying and collecting art, design and typography books since I started at art college. As my shelves have slowly filled I've realised I don't have an accurate record of the books I own so I thought it would be a good execise to blow some dust off some books and record them, and in the process re-discover some forgotten ones. I've loosely categorised them to make finding them easier. As the list grows I'll expand my thoughts on each book as and when I get the time.


Modern Architecture A Critical History

by Kenneth Frampton published by Thames and Hudson World of Art



The Philosophy of Andy Warhol

by Andy Warhol, published by Penguin books

Constructivism, origins and evolution

by George Rickey published by George Braziller, Inc.




by Frank Whitford published by Thames and Hudson World of Art

Festival of Britain Design 1951

by Paul Rennie published by Antique Collectors' Club

Your Private Sky. R. Buckminster Fuller, The Art of Design Science

edited by Joachim Krausse, Claude Lichtenstein published by Lars Müller Publishers

Signs and Symbols. Their Design and Meaning

by Adrian Frutiger published by Studio Editions


Design Theory

How Designers Think, The Design Process Demystified

by Bryan Lawson published by Architectural Press


Graphic Design

Graphic Design A Concise History

by Richard Hollis published by Thames and Hudson World of Art

Picturing and poeting

by Alan Fletcher published by Phaidon

The Art of Looking Sideways

by Alan Fletcher published by Phaidon



Camera Lucida

by Roland Barthes published by Flamingo


by Dawn Ades published by Thames and Hudson World of Art



Stop Stealing Sheep & find out how type works

by Erik Spiekermann and E.M. Ginger published by Adobe Press

The New Typography

by Jan Tschichold published by University of California Press