APR 11

Today is oneonedayfordesign.org day an open, global dialogue on the meaning and future of design, and on the meaning and future of professional design associations. Designers are sharing their thoughts and ideas and some really interesting debates are being had.

I’m following the discussion with interest and I think it’s a really healthy thing for the design community to involve themselves with. The thing that interests me the most about this whole day though is how Twitter is being used as the forum for debate. It’s focussing people’s thoughts and concentrating the debate and ideas that are being shared. Hopefully what will come out of today will be a renewed interest in the future of design and those involved will push forward with their ideas, for the discipline that I feel equally as passionate about.

My contribution to the debate was “For me, design is about communicating good ideas simply. Better communication, ultimately means a better world.” This is something I believe passionately. As a designer I can make the visual world more beautiful while at the same time communicate ideas that others can engage and believe in.

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