926 East McLemore Avenue

Unless you’re familiar with American addresses, 926 East McLemore Avenue may not mean an awful lot to you, but when you discover the address is in Memphis Tennesee and has welcomed the likes of Otis Redding, Isaac Hayes and Booker T. & The M.G.’s, you’ll realise 926 East McLemore Avenue is the home of Stax.

Stax, Soulsville, USA, 926 East McLemore Avenue

Stax sign, 926 East McLemore Avenue

Sadly, the studios are no longer there, but the Stax Museum of American Soul Music gives us the history of Stax and it’s incredible musical legacy. The Satellite record shop attached to the Museum, is a reminder of the golden days of the vinyl record shop and the pleasure of buying the latest releases from some of the label’s most talented artists.

Stax represents more than just a record label though, with a backdrop of civil unrest in the US at the time, Stax represented a sanctuary of calm for it’s artists, and broke down the oppressive segregation going on outside it’s doors. Black and white musicians collaborated to produce some of the finest music of the time.

I really enjoyed my visit to the Museum and highly recommend a visit if you’re in Memphis.

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