A little time out

FEB 11

I’ve not been as active in the last 8 weeks or so as I’ve been taking on a new project. I started something similar back in 2009 and that one’s been going pretty well so far. My new project, like the other one is a lifelong undertaking which should develop into something special.

Unlike the other work on this site it’s not of a graphic or typographic nature, but it does requires craft, dedication, commitment and a whole lot of learning. Thankfully, both these projects are collaborations with another ‘designer’ who after our initial kick-off meeting, took it on for the first 9 months. Since then I’ve been involved and it’s taken almost all of my time, so I’ve been unable to really get on and do any serious blogging. In time I hope to be able to show the world what I’m achieving, but for now I’m keeping both projects under wraps.

For now though, I thank my fellow ‘designer’ for all of her efforts on both projects and dedicate this whole site to two very special girls.

For Alice and Esme.

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