Abram Games

JAN 11

Abram Games is in my view one of the best graphic designers of the 20th century and his direct and powerful designs look as good today as they did when they were produced over half a century ago.  I saw him speak at a student conference just a few years before he died and his passion for designing with “maximum meaning, minimum means” was a strong as ever.

This ethos is something that should inspire all designers, as the purpose of graphic design is to communicate your message clearly and effectively to your audience.

One of my favourite pieces of Abram Games work, has to be the design of the logo for the Festival of Britain in 1951. As Britain left the 40’s and the decade that saw an end to World War II, the Festival was an attempt to give Britons a feeling of recovery and progress and to promote better-quality design in the rebuilding of British towns and cities following the war.

Festival of Britain logo

The striking motif Games produced conveys strength hope and optimism for a better future. As ever we see maximum meaning with minimum means. There’s no unecessary decoration or ornament and we understand completely that Britain has entered a new age of hope and prosperity.

Games created the design in 1948 for a competition to create the Festivals emblem. It was chosen and stands as an iconic piece of graphic design.

His body of work and influence on British graphic design is immense and his clear no nonsense approach to designing helps me in each piece of my own work.

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