Improved blog for 2011

JAN 11

As the new year begins, I have made some steps over the last month to improve the speed of my blog posts in 2011. The clever among you will realise that it’s not the most radically innovative solution, but none the less I have worked hard to ensure that it integrates as seamlessly as possible with my current site design.

I always think the biggest challenge with using other peoples code is to make it work exactly as you want it to. My previous attempts with this particular blogging software have always ended in a feeling of general disappointment and frustration. It’s never really worked in the way that I’ve wanted it to and as I’m not a great one for accepting a poor solution, I’ve tended to leave what I’ve done and return to conventional hard coding each page from scratch or from a loose template that I’ve opened and saved with a new name.

The difference this time I think is that I’ve been studying, reading and learning how different programming languages work. PHP obviously, javascript, java in the context of working with developers in my day job, and a bit of jquery when it’s come up. I’m not suggesting for a moment I could hand write a web application tomorrow, but I’ve got that little bit more knowledge that means I cafn look and play around with code and more often than not, get it to do what I want it to do. The obvious thing to do now, in a blog post dated 1st January is to resolve to keep learning and studying in the coming year.

I’m hoping that what I’ve done here will work cross browser and platform and present itself as I would like it to, to 99% of readers, but I’m sure there are a few things that need tidying up or aligning properly in this browser or that device, but for now I’m free to write and share my thoughts more regularly (I hope) in 2011.

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