Ideas of march

MAR 11

In a recent tweet by Jon Tan, he referenced an idea by Chris Shiflett, a colleague of his at Analog. Chris’s idea is to encourage designers and developers into a blog reveival. The increase of the use of twitter in the past few years, has moved debates away from blogs and in his view “there are fewer quality conversations and debates taking place as a result of this transition”.
I have to agree with him. Twitter is great, and I learn or see something new every day by being an active user, but to engage in an issue in more detail you always have to follow links to blogs or websites. The only issue being that these links are often few and far between.

Chris’s idea is simple

1. Write a post called Ideas of March.
2. List some of the reasons you like blogs.
3. Pledge to blog more the rest of the month.
4. Share your thoughts on Twitter with the #ideasofmarch hashtag.

I have of late started to blog more, so this initiative has come at a perfect time. I’m rediscovering my graphic design roots so I’m engaging in design debates more, I’m interested what’s going on in graphic design and it’s helping me to articulate my thoughts critically. I work within web design, but I consider myself a graphic designer that designs and builds websites for a living rather than a pure web designer, who hasn’t designed for print.

I will pledge to blog more, but I’m not sure I actively have to say this as I’m already doing it. I’ve got a wealth of things that I want to write and blog about, so more posts should not be a problem.

I will, as instructed tweet this post with the hashtag #ideasofmarch and will also search under that tag myself to se what others are saying.

To read Chris’s full post it can be found on his blog. Ideas of march

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