New adventures in Javascript

The time it seems has come to take the Javascript ‘bull by the horns’ and learn this most essential (if not hugely intuitive to me) scripting language. Over the last few years I’ve flirted with books, and dipped my toes into various courses, but never really felt comfortable around the code. I sometimes look at a bit of Javascript and think, “Yes, I know what that does”, only to realise that if I look away for a second I would have no idea how to write something that does the same thing.

The answer to this is of course is to learn javascript from the bottom up. I know there are libraries like JQuery and MooTools, but I’ve a feeling there’s probably no substitute for rolling my sleeves up and starting at “Hello World!”, then keep on going until I’m a master. So here goes. Hopefully what will follow in the coming weeks and months will be a series of lightbulb moments culminating in membership of the Javascript Hall of Fame. Failing that, a slightly better understanding of how it works and the ability to cobble together a few things together with the confidence that it will work, would probably also be acceptable.

alert (“Here goes nothing!”);

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