A picture paints a thousand words

I love taking photos and recording the places I go to and the things I see. The pictures below are an eclectic mix of this and more.

Pinhole camera photos - Cornwall

Back in October last year I bought and made a cardboard pinhole camera, and I took it on holiday down to Cornwall to try it out. It gave some pretty good results given how primitive it is, and I'm going to take it out again and have another go in the coming weeks.

Pinhole photo

Pinhole camera photos

Wales Milennium Centre

Here's some recent photos from a trip to Cardiff of the Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre

Wales Millennium Centre photos

The Spinnaker Tower

From time to time I visit the spinnaker tower and if I have my camera with me I'll take some photos.

Spinnaker Tower Portsmouth

Spinnaker Tower photos

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